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We help businesses become ‘digital-first’ organisations so they’re free to thrive like never before. Because the truth is, every large enterprise is now a technology company. And those that embrace the full potential of this, can do things they once thought impossible.

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ECS played a core role for Green Flag in being able to help us envisage what our telephony capabilities could be and how we enhance our end-to-end customer journeys

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Digital Engineering

Build true digital engineering capabilities. Embrace, adopt and scale-out Agile ways of working and DevOps tools with ECS Digital

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Driving Customer Experience

Achieve business continuity in the face of uncertainty by setting up a cloud-based contact centre in as little as 48 hours.

Customer Experience

Data & Analytics

Leverage data-driven, AI-enabled solutions to drive faster, smarter decisions for you and your customers

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Navigate your cloud journey

Accelerate your business transformation by unlocking the potential of Cloud technology.

Cloud Adoption

ECS enables enterprises to change the way they change

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