Who says the finance industry can't be innovative or digital-first

The truth is, even the most regulated enterprises are now technology enterprises. And those that embrace the full potential of this, can do things you once thought impossible.

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When it comes to the finance industry, we are unmatched

Unmatched in our experience - Our foundations are built on over 15 years experience working within the finance sector – building long standing relationships with 4 out of 5 of the top UK banks.

Unmatched in our calibre - With over 2700+ skills and capabilities across ECS, we support our team in developing their talents and staying apace with changing technology trends.

Unmatched in our commitment - Working shoulder to shoulder with financial services giants gives us a unique perspective. We leverage this perspective and commit to evolving our offerings so our clients can respond to market pressures and achieve future plans.

Unmatched in our understanding - The majority of our engineers have spent time working in-house. They have walked in your shoes and know first hand the frustrations you face – and the best way to extinguish them.

From a traditional business to an agile and ambitious Fintech with ECS

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Ready for digital change but need to achieve cultural change first?

Bring together leadership, process and engineering capability to move you into a new way of working that accelerates organisational change.

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Have the data but feel like you're one step behind your customers?

Unlock the power of your most valuable asset – your data – and instantly get closer to your customers than ever before.

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Low appetite for risk? Us too.

We adopt an outcome-focused, step by step approach to our projects, reducing the risk to your business by ensuring every aspect of the transformation is considered before it happens.

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Lack the trust needed to accelerate a Cloud migration?

Plug into the latest cloud services platforms, connect with the best partners, and train your teams in cutting edge engineering practices to make Cloud technology work for you and your regulatory obligations.

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ECS & AWS Partnership

With comprehensive AWS capabilities & experience ECS is focused on helping Financial Services Enterprises in their design, build, migration and management of workloads and applications on AWS.

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