Amazon Connect Immersion Day

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Virtual workshops

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Date: 23rd – 25th February, 9am – 12:30pm


What will you learn?

If you’re interested in gaining hands-on experience with ground-breaking cloud-based contact centre services, book on to an upcoming Amazon Connect Immersion Day.

In just two mornings of mini workshops, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of core concepts of the platform related to the provisioning, configuration, and management of Amazon Connect.

At end of the course you will have had the opportunity to:

  • Get hands-on experience with AWS services leveraged by Amazon Connect,
  • Explore creating customer experiences you have been thinking about but can’t build into traditional approaches,
  • Meet our experts and ask them specific questions around your challenges,
  • Understand why data and analytics is more than just a buzzword and how data paired with the right technology can help you deliver a personalised customer experience,
  • Gain insights as to how you might leverage other AWS services to enrich and differentiate the CX you deliver your customers.

These Immersion Days tend to oversubscribe quickly, so be sure to save your space today (form below).



For this exercise you will require an AWS development account(s) with admin access.

Preference is a personal account as corporate accounts are often locked down with roles & permissions applied that will block access to various components needed during this session. A corporate account may also block adding new phone numbers that are needed for attendees to test their flows.

Free Tier account will be sufficient with the only costs being a monthly rental of a DDI phone number for testing (approx. $2 per month). The account can be removed afterwards if the attendee no longer needs the account running.


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