Aqua Security

ECS is proud to partner with Aqua and help customers integrate its leading security platform with entreprise-level cloud providers and software vendors.

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Why customers benefit from Aqua Security

Protect applications from development to production, across VMs, containers, and serverless workloads

Release and update software at DevOps speed with security automation

Detect & fix vulnerabilities and malware early, and only permit safe artifacts to progress through your CI/CD pipeline

Deploy your cloud native applications on any infrastructure while ensuring secure configuration, compliance and enterprise scalability

Aqua secures the cloud native application ecosystem, we can help drive adoption

As industry recongised solution providers and experts, we work with Aqua Security to help our clients modernise the security for their container-based, serverless and cloud native applications, from development to production.

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Aqua fuels security innovation with open source

Aqua Security has a dedicated open source engineering team that drives innovation in the cloud native ecosystem. By openly share its knowledge and capabilities and actively contributing to the community, Aqua want to keep the industry advancing and enterprise customers ahead of what’s next.

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Staying one step ahead of cloud-native technology

Aqua Security reached 'unicorn' status in 2021 and have chosen to use their new status to focus on helping its customers move their applications to the cloud and provide support for those new elements.

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Exclusive Ask Me Anything Partner Session

Catch up on the live Q&A session with Aqua Security and discover how Aqua is enabling users to navigate the increasingly complex area of security innovation and what’s on the horizon for its users. Panel includes Aqua’s Senior Director of Solution Architects Benjy Portnoy and DevSecOps Architect Andrea Zorzetto.

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“Our partnership with ECS is essential in helping us go beyond just Aqua itself and making sure the platform is utilised fully and that the client is getting the best possible result"

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