Splunk Data and Analytics

ECS can help simplify how you use Splunk with Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), reducing your data management and cost whilst optimising the technology.

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The Data-to-Everything™ Platform with added ECS expertise

With Splunk ITSI, your MTTR can be reduced by 95% – up 55% from the use of Splunk Core alone

Reduce incident volume by 30% with predictive analysis on alerting and auto-remediation

Maximise the benefits of data you already own with added intelligence

Splunk certified engineers help you tap into intuitive and actionable data

Engage with your customers in new ways to ensure a seamless, omnichannel experience

Machine learning aptly suited to anomaly detection, predictive analytics and data clustering

Unlock data across all your business operations – no matter the volume

Our UX-driven appraoach means we understand and can help you balance competing stakeholders

Reduce MTTR by up to 95% with Splunk ITSI

Splunk ITSI is a scalable IT monitoring and analytics solution that can reduce your MTTR by 55% more than you can expect from the core Splunk offering.

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Operational Excellence enabled by AIOps and Transparent Reporting

Using products such as ITSI, Splunk Core and the Machine Learning Toolkit you can reduce incident rates, and when incidents do happen, provide root cause and remediation action.

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Healthcheck your setup to make sure you are getting the best value from your data

We provide a two-day healthcheck and summary report to identify improvements for your data infrastructure with corrective actions.

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Best practice monitoring and dashboards

Gain a personalised dashboard and automated monitoring that enables you to get the information you need to take action.

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ECS builds solutions with Splunk, we don’t sell Splunk. Rather than focusing on how many licenses we can sell, our sole purpose is to deliver a solution that’s effective and sustainable for you – delivering valuable business outcomes and in most cases, driving down costs.

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