Executive Team

The ECS board has extensive experience in providing technology services to blue chip clients, as well as creating successful growth businesses to serve them.

The board has been shaped and brought together in order to fulfill the long-term vision and strategy of a company that is dedicated to three things: listening to and satisfying our customers, creating opportunities for our employees, and achieving long-term sustainable growth.

Find out more about the ECS board members below.

Paul Thomson

Group Chief Executive

Paul is an IT industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience. He is responsible for driving the accelerated and profitable growth of ECS.

Neil Davidson

Managing Director, Enterprise Services

Neil draws heavily on three decades of IT industry experience to drive continued service improvement for ECS customers in his role as Services Director.

Martin Boylen

Chief Operating Officer

Martin brings a great wealth of knowledge and expertise to ECS that customers appreciate and depend upon in his role as Chief Operating Officer.

Andy Palmer

Group Financial Director

Andy provides ECS with the best practice financial controls and methods in order to ensure efficiency and transparency in all matters relating to the financial performance of the business.

Kevin Clark

Director & General Manager

Kevin Clark is Director & General Manager of Networks at ECS. Following a degree in telecommunications, Kevin has been an integral part of the phenomenal growth of the industry over the past 30 years.

David Calder

Managing Director, ECS Security and Splunk Practice

David Calder has over twenty years experience in the security industry and has been the Managing Director of the ECS Security and Splunk Practice since 2013.

Andy Cureton

Founder & Managing director, ECS Digital

Entrepreneur and Automation advocate.  My professional mission is to unlock organisations potential through a combination of automation and a culture of openness, honesty and collaboration.

Gillian Holmes

Group HR Director

Prior to joining ECS in May 2013, Gillian Holmes held a number of senior management roles with Ciba, the Swiss based chemical company.