Andy Palmer

Group Financial Director

Andy Palmer, Group Financial Director, joined ECS in March 2013, with over 23 years of financial accounting experience and more than eight years working as a Finance Director. His background and experience are vital in helping ECS to manage cash flow, provide effective reporting and manage a fast growing and profitable multinational operation, containing a number of legal entities within its structure.

After graduating with a BA in Accounting and Economics from the University of Strathclyde, Andy trained with KPMG for three years, becoming a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. Over the years since then, he has amassed a great wealth of knowledge and experience in financial accounting, as well as managing HR, IT, Procurement and Production departments. He was the financial lead on the sale of TRS to Regenersis Plc, liaising with lawyers, financial advisors and the acquiring company.

Andy provides ECS with the best practice financial controls and methods in order to ensure efficiency and transparency in all matters relating to the financial performance of the business. This provides clarity to all company stakeholders, including auditors and the government bodies in all countries where we operate.