Drive your customer experience transformation with ECS & Amazon Connect

ECS  brings a wealth of experience enabling enterprises to accelerate customer experience transformation using Amazon Connect. We help you deliver the roadmap, strategy and architecture and provide the resources and skillset needed to drive business-wide change. Together, we create the platform and processes you need to deliver a truly customer centric experience with minimum risk and maximum added value.

ECS is a UK based Amazon Connect Service Delivery Partner focussed on enterprise customers, particularly in financial services, and brings a wealth of experience, scale and proven capability to design, plan and implement optimum AWS solutions for some of the biggest, most demanding and heavily regulated businesses in the UK.


Immersion Day

Get hands on experience with Amazon Connect and understand how to enrich and differentiate the CX you deliver your customers.


Amazon Connect – your tool for creating better customer experiences

Amazon Connect has all the features you’d expect from a contact centre, but its real strength comes from its almost limitless integration potential and ability to provide rich insights to drive your customer experience transformation.

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem provides a massive range of benefits with services such as:


Increase the number of customer queries solved whilst in the Interactive voice responder (IVR), rather than with agents


Store your encrypted call recordings, and even trigger storage lifecycle events, helping you with data retention


Integrate into other services for performing Data Dips to improve customer personalisation


Speech to text capability that enables you to get meaningful insights from your audio files, such as customer service calls.

Natural Language Processing

Amazon Comprehend helps you make sense of the treasure trove in your unstructured data (think customer emails, reviews, tickets) so you can turn this data into meaningful insights such as customer sentiment.

Third Party Integration

Extend into other platforms such as your Customer Relations Management (CRM) or Workflow Management (WFM) platforms, further enhancing the customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Use the same AI you use for messenger and voice applications to create conversational bots unique to your brand identity to service your customers while driving down costs. In turn, you’re able to deliver a higher level of engagement, consistent with your brand experience, to those who matter most.

Rich metrics and real-time reporting

Gain visibility and insight into all of your customer interactions enabling you to optimise the customer experience and improve satisfaction.

Connect Calculator

Use our calculator to find out how much an Amazon Connect contact centre will cost you.


ECS & Amazon Connect – maturing your customer experience

Maturing your customer experience management is about more than just a shift in technology. Wherever you are on your journey, we can help you create, manage and optimise the digital environment you need for a fast, sustainable and secure transformation.

We do this by building in three layers of capability:

  1. Amazon Connect forms the foundation
  2. We then provide the tools and processes needed to integrate AI, ML and Automation services into your contact flows.
  3. Our last step is to enable you to extract and analyse rich data for real business value & insights – something that hasn’t been possible before.

All this is achieved, and accelerated, by our Delivery PodsTM approach. This enables your teams to more effectively respond to changing customer needs, mature your operations and deliver consistent results.


Re-engineer your business to a customer first approach

It’s about more than contact centres. We use Amazon Connect to help you cut through the complexity of existing systems and processes to bring you closer to your customers.

Only pay for what you use

Amazon Connect requires no long-term contracts so you don’t need to plan for capacity or capital investment, hardware or data centre facilities. It’s quick to deploy, vastly reduces your TCO and has the scalability and flexibility to meet your business needs.

Value realisation with minimum risk

Not only do we decrease time to market, we draw on our data, AI and security capabilities to introduce the flexibility and agility you need to innovate and drive change securely across all aspects of the customer experience/journey

Greater visibility and insight

Amazon Connect provides rich metrics and real-time reporting. ECS enable you to extract and analyse these insights to proactively identify and accelerate the optimisation of customer interactions and contact routing whilst decreasing wait times.

Transform your customer service with Amazon Connect

ECS can help your organisation implement a next generation, cloud-based contact centre on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with their proof of concept (POC) consultancy package that sets up an Amazon Connect pilot deployment in four weeks.



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