Amazon Connect

We’ve all been there. Needing customer service support to help in a moment of need. Navigating your way throughseveral prompts whilst listening to questionable hold music, only to find that the live agent has no record of any of the information you entered 30 minutes ago.

According to a RightNow report, 82% of customers have left a company because of a bad customer service experience. So, whilst remaining focused on your customers can be hindered by complexity, cost and scale, there is every reason to keep customer service a priority.

Introducing Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact centre solution that simplifies setting up and managing a customer contact centre and provides reliable customer engagement at any scale.

Amazon Connect provides rich metrics and real-time reporting that allows you to optimise contact routing to decrease wait times. You can also resolve customer issues more efficiently by putting customers in touch with the right agents. Amazon Connect integrates with your existing systems and business applications to provide visibility and insight into all of your customer interactions.

Amazon Connect allows your business to realign with your customers’ idea of a good service.

And the best part? You don’t need to plan for capacity or capital investment, hardware or data centre facilities as Amazon Connect requires no long-term contracts, and you pay only for what you use.

Why Connect?

Amazon Connect has all the features you’d expect from a contact centre, but the real strength comes from it’s almost limitless integration potential. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem provides a massive range of benefits through integration, with services such as;

  • Lex – for Natural Language Processing used to increase the number of customer queries solved whilst in the Interactive voice responder (IVR), rather than with agents
  • S3 – where you can store your encrypted call recordings, and even trigger storage lifecycle events, helping you with data retention
  • Lambda – for integration into other services for performing Data Dips to improve customer personalisation

Amazon Connect can be extended to existing platforms too, such as your Customer Relations Management (CRM) or Workflow Management (WFM) platforms, further enhancing the customer experience.

The solution can also be driven by the same Artificial Intelligence (AI) you’re using for messenger and voice applications. This means that conversational bots unique to your brand identity can service your customers while driving down costs. In turn, you’re able to deliver a higher level of engagement, consistent with your brand experience, to those who matter most.

Helping you get the most out of Amazon Connect

Here at ECS we have a unique blend of expertise in delivering contact centre solutions for our UK FTSE 100 and 250 clients. We are also an Amazon Connect Go-To Partner and hold over 100 Certifications and Accreditations across our team. This means we can help you leverage Amazon Connect to:

  • Provide a personalised, prompt and targeted customer centric service
  • Respond to changing customer requirements to help ensure currency
  • Access and analyse real time data to help with agent management and performance tracking
  • Leverage social media to communicate with customers
  • Improve employee productivity by automating tasks
  • Interact with customers across many channels and media

ECS align with the vision of your business outcomes and tie these into your business drivers. These outcomes can then be delivered with measurable business value. Partnering with us will help you transform the service you offer your customers and ensure the success of your journey.

ECS is a UK based Amazon Connect Go-To Partner with over 50 Amazon Connect trained specialists and growing fast.  ​

ECS is focussed on enterprise customers, particularly in financial services, and brings a wealth of experience, scale and proven capability to design, plan and implement optimum AWS solutions for some of the biggest, most demanding and heavily regulated businesses in the UK.

“I am excited to be working with Amazon Connect to help our clients reconnect with their customers. Contact Centres are an area in large enterprises that have suffered the effects of time without innovation, causing customers endless amounts of frustration at the level of service.

We can see Amazon Connect doing for Enterprise Voice what Alexa has done for interaction with technology. ECS are proud to count ourselves part of the solution and look forward to helping our clients offer their customers better experiences.

ECS is focussed on enterprise customers, particularly in financial services, and brings a wealth of experience, scale and proven capability to design, plan and implement optimum AWS solutions for some of the biggest,

most demanding and heavily regulated businesses in the UK”. 

Phil Smith, Group Cloud CTO

Our Services:

Amazon Connect Jumpstart

ECS’s workshop will deliver a roadmap to adoption of Amazon Connect including, TCO Analysis, business outcomes, contact flow analysis and delivery framework​

Proof of Concept

Demonstrates that Amazon Connect will align with the customer’s vision of business outcomes as established during the Jumpstart workshop

Path to Production

Strategy and architecture consulting to enable rapid deployment into production​

Accelerated Transformation

Seamlessly deploy at scale to achieve an improved quality customer experience at pace​

Implement Advanced Capabilities

Exploit cloud native technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Skills Based Routing, Omni-channel Customer Engagement and Real Time Analytics​


Integrate customer third party solutions such as CRM and WFM for optimal customer experience​

Custom Contact Control Panel

Development of unique agent experiences and integration to Amazon Connect ​

Customer Ready Solutions

Configurable standardised templates for rapid deployment and realisation of value

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