ECS COVID-19: What it means to you

This is your one-stop content hub for everything you need to know about how ECS is navigating COVID-19, and what it means to you. Here, you’ll find up-to-date procedural changes, tips for staying safe, and how to get support you need, when you need it.

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All your ECS COVID-19 information in one central location.

The latest business policies in response to governmental guidelines.

Suggestions for looking after your Mental Health from home.

Tips and tricks for a successful and healthy remote working routine.

COVID-19 Office Risk Assessment

Keeping our people safe is a priority now more than ever. In line with Government guidance, ECS has undertaken risk assessments at all of our office locations and implemented measures to ensure we can safely open our offices to staff and visitors. Government guidance will continue to be reviewed and any further measures identified to reduce the risk of coronavirus will be implemented.


Visitor Guidelines for attendance at an ECS office

Should you be hosting a visitor at an ECS office, you should firstly familiarise yourself with the information contained within the 'Returning to the Workplace' education tool prior to sending your visitor a copy of the 'Visitor Guidelines' ahead of your meeting.


14 Top Tips to Ace Remote Working

Working from home can be a daunting task when you’re used to being in an office every day. Here are our top tips for successful remote working including routine building, workspace investment and maintaining social activity.

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ECS introduces the Recharge Hour

Have a read and book in your first Recharge Hour today.

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Coping with COVID-19 restrictions in winter

COVID-19 restrictions are tough especially during winter but we have created a few tips for coping during this time. However, if you feel you need any additional support please reach out to one of our certified Mental Health First Aiders.

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Virtual Spaces at ECS

Among other traits, ECS people are well known for being sociable types, and we understand that remote working can make some feel isolated and distant from the wider team. We hope this graphic shows you just how much is going on in the business to help bring people together virtually!

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Even more resources

We aim to bring you more content as and when it becomes available to give you the most up-to-date information. Our hub below is frequently updated and will have new PDFs and documents to view and download.

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Change Makers Awards

Congratulations to this years nominees and winners of the September 2020 ECS Change Makers Awards


Your mental health first aiders

Ali Hill Edinburgh
Ali Hill Edinburgh
Martina Srdoc London
Martina Srdoc London
Ashley Strachan Glasgow
Ashley Strachan Glasgow
Richard Hughes Manchester
Richard Hughes Manchester

If you have any concerns or queries, please engage with your manager or contact the email mailbox Wellbeing at ECS ( in the first instance.

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