Building a resilient enterprise for COVID-19 and beyond

If you find yourself having to reevaluate your IT and business strategy, you are not the only one.

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COVID-19 is a monumental disruptor, testing our ability to achieve business continuity, deliver the same customer experience remotely and create new products to support tomorrow’s enterprise environment. And like the disruptors that came before, we can, and will help you rise to that challenge.

How you can successfully navigate COVID-19

When closing shop isn't an option, we can get you from a lights off situation to a 100% remote contact centre in as little as 48hours

Scaling solutions to meet peak volumes? We can optimise your costs so you won't spend a penny more than you need to

When you don't have six months to test a new idea, our R&D Pods help you fail fast so you can deliver the optimal solution or features at pace

To support continuous learning, we now offer all our training virtually so your team can continue to gain enterprise-level courses whilst working remotely

If you're experiencing 100% remote working for the first time, our Enablement Pods™ can help you sustain cultural transformation and upskill your team in the skills they need to achieve business continuity from afar

When you’re being asked to make important decisions at pace, leveraging data and analytics will enable you to base your decisions on fact and deliver them with confidence

If you're considering cloud technology, or want to extend your current capabilities, we can help you implement a flexible and scalable solution that meets your needs today, and those beyond COVID-19

With an increased demand on applications to perform, our Digital Delivery Pods™ unlock additional business value with purpose-built software that responds to the now and prepares you for tomorrow

Rapid Response Amazon Connect Solution

From templated solution to complete set-up of a contact centre in 48hrs, we can get your agents back online and delivering the same customer experience as before

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Increase your software & features' velocity

Protect and drive new market share by investing in your website, software and applications. With more people relying on remote platforms for work and play, let us help you accelerate feature releases that are customer-centric and UX-driven.

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Collaboratively build solutions through rapid prototyping and testing

Nobody likes having projects abandoned six months down the line. Avoid lengthy MVPs by adopting a test-driven team that can transform untapped ideas into workable prototypes in weeks, rather than months.

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Sustain cultural transformation and business agility

Whilst your exisiting workforce are doing the best they can remotely, sometimes you need a helping hand to bolster efforts and inject new ideas. ECS can take the pressure away by introducing outcome-focused teams that remain flexible, and embed for short periods in your current teams to help sustain your transformation efforts.

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Continuous learning from home

Driving change from the inside-out starts with having the right skills, which is why we are bringing our training to you at home. All upcoming courses and AWS Immersion Days are now available online so your team can continue to upskill remotely.

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Cloud adoption

Being able to move at pace is more important than ever, which is why we offer an end-to-end service that fast-tracks your move from on-prem to cloud-based architecture during time-sensitive scenarios.

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Create a single, unified contact center for voice & chat

Adopt Amazon Connect and gain a single UI that hosts all your contact routing, queuing, analytics and management tools whilst supporting omnichannel conversation.

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Cost Optimisation

Optimise your cloud spend without losing momentum or impacting any long-term enterprise strategy. With the right operating model and visibility, you can deliver and run cloud within your organisation at the right cost for you.

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Data & Analytics – enable faster, smarter decisions for your business​

Develop a data strategy that draws insights more effectively across the business – influencing product innovation, customer-centric product development and operational efficiencies.

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Customer Experience - enabling business continuity in just 2 weeks

Leveraging Amazon Connect build a 100% remote outbound contact centre capability in just 48 hours.


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