Business Intelligence - powered by Amazon QuickSight

BI – you'll miss business opportunities without it. QuickSight – because you can't afford to wait.

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Supercharge your thinking and decision making with insight-rich dashboards

Unlock your most valuable asset to transform your data into actionable insights

Deploy at global scale without provisioning a single server

Embedded analytics empower immediate customer feedback driving positive experiences

Powerful visualisations bring your data to life and enable near real-time decision making for all

Auto-scale from 10 to 10,000+ users in minutes – with pay-as-you-go built in

Catch business opportunities that increase organisation efficiency along with better experiences for customers & employees

Integrated S3 datalake permissions, with a secure & private access to AWS data

Programmatically onboard users and manager content with API support

Empower your business with augmented analytics on Amazon QuickSight

From predicting price and anomaly detection, to customer churn analysis and demand forecasting – intelligent analytics is critical. Making it easy to view and digest to all decision makers is equally valuable. AWS QuickSight delivered by ECS is where to start.

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Engage your customers without it costing the earth

Deep insights into your customer behaviours can drive smarter product design, putting you on the right path to building the products and engaging interactions your customers expect, first time. Pay as you go pricing is also offered as standard, so you never pay more than you need to.

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Why wait months to achieve what's possible in minutes?

QuickSight has been specifically built with the modern business in mind. Not only can you auto-scale from 10 to 10k+ users in minutes – with consistent performance guaranteed – you can create a personalised, immersive dashboard in minutes too.

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Operational efficiencies –whatever your choice of application

No servers or software to manage, AWS QuickSight is a cloud native BI solution, natively integrated with AWS as well as on-premises and hosted databases and third-party business applications

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Leverage Machine Learning in AWS QuickSight

Use ML capabilities with AWS QuickSight to gain deeper insights into your data and expose hidden trends and business indicators, empowering your decision makers.

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You're in safe hands

As an AWS Advanced Consultancy Partner, ECS is dedicated to bringing together the right talent, partnerships and opportunities to ensure you gain the right solution to continue delivering business intelligence long after we're gone.

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QuickSight is a Cost effective solution that allows us to provide advanced analytics to both technical and non-technical users across the business and deliver on our vision to put data and insight in the hands of everyone, not just analysts or data scientists