Fraud Detection

Concerned about the growing sophistication of fraudulent behaviours? You're not alone.


Fraud detection models customised to your specific requirements ​

Detect and act against fraudulent activity & behaviours before they impact your business

Scalable your solutions to monitor billions of transactions in milliseconds

Rich model performance dashboards enable real-time decision making across all your ML use cases

Avoid hefty fines and damage to your reputation by protecting your customers and business from fraud

Fraud detection IP

Our AI/ML fraud model was engineered by ECS Data Scientists to offer state of the art sophistication that's easy to implement

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Fraud detection that's always one step ahead of fraudsters

A fully integrated fraud model that rapidly learns and adapts to keep pace with ever evolving and increasingly complex fraud behaviours​

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Payments Fraud Detection

Our solution delivers a single pane of glass view of logins & payment transactions to prevent fraudulent payments in real time

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Splunk® IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Our Splunk certified and experienced engineers provide intuitive and operational insights to those navigating massive datasets.

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