Challenge yourself. Study Digital Engineering at the ECS Academy

Dedicate three-months to growing your DevOps, software development & testing skills into a successful consultancy career

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Why is the Academy for me?

Fully paid with benefits – that's right, you will be paid to upskill

Fast track programme with 'boot camp' style workshops

Scenario-based learning so you gain hands-on experience & insights

Learn in a supportive environment designed to help you reach your potential

Who is the Digital Engineering course perfect for?

We have meticulously planned the digital engineering course to be ideal for those looking to move careers into DevOps, testing or software development, graduates with a relevant degree and individuals with existing experience in the tech industry

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Transformative learning experience

All workshops include a mixture of theoretical & practical exercises so you gain engineering essentials & professional skills

Gain knowledge in engineering fundamentals

Soft & technical skills – we teach you both. From presentational skills all the way to DevOps & Cloud basics and Javascript

From full body scans to full stack development

Follow Ayush's journey from the medical room to the world of DevOps and how he's reinvented his career for the better

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"Never have I felt more supported to learn, grow and thrive than I currently do"

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