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Digital Engine Room – move to an entirely new way of working

Enablement Pods™ – achieve agile software and continuous delivery without the fuss

Digital Delivery Pods™ – unlock business value with purpose-built software

R&D Pods – gain the confidence and resource to explore untapped ideas

DevOps Training – upskill your team in new DevOps tools and ways of working

Cloud Now Pod – migrate your applications to the cloud against the clock

Cloud First Pod – build applications in the cloud with greater stability

Digital Engine Room

Bring together leadership, process and engineering capability to move you into a new way of working that accelerates organisational change.

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Enablement Pods™

Introduce new ways of working and engineering practices with outcome-focused teams that remain flexible, and embed for short periods in existing teams to help your enterprise transform at scale.

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Digital Delivery Pods™

Multi-disciplined delivery teams who focus on building software that identifies and solves business problems in an iterative way.

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R&D Pods

Test-driven teams that adopt a design thinking approach to transform untapped ideas into workable prototypes.

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Cloud Now Pods

End-to-end service that fast-tracks your move from on-prem to cloud-based architecture during time-sensitive scenarios.

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Cloud First Pods

Leverage modern cloud computing functionality to build software applications that have business value at its core.

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Official DevOps Training

From HashiCorp to Jenkins, Kubernetes and Docker to DevOps, our consultants have created bespoke training packages just for you.

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ECS helped take hold of the inconsistent server configuration and streamline our software. It meant we had a handle on the configuration of our environment, and reduced costs to the business.

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