Onboard a Cloud First Pod. Adopt a Cloud First mindset.

When you design, think and build applications solely for the cloud, you begin to create an environment that works for you

What you gain from a Cloud First Pod

A team of fully certified cloud engineers and AWS architects

Sophisticated application monitoring so you can build better applications quicker

Security baked into applications made to work within a modern infrastructure

Software development expertise that continuously assess cost optimisation

Improved customer engagement driven by application usage analytics

Adoption of new ways of working and UX techniques

Upskill internal teams to enable you to insource engineering capabilities

Engineers committed to maximising the agility and services of your cloud provider

Answer your customers’ demands

Introduce application usage analytics that let you monitor customer engagement so you can scope out new applications

Take back control of spiralling cloud costs

Adopt sophisticated application monitoring that shows what services you’re using and the ideal capacity for each

Fixed-price, outcome driven engagements

Centered around an initial scoping activity, we use UX techniques to understand user needs, create a backlog and define a MVP from the go

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Maximise your cloud investment with Cloud First Pods

Don’t just host in the cloud. Design, think and build applications solely for the cloud and begin to create an environment that works for you

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Maximise your cloud investment by utilising all the services and agility your cloud platform gives you

Onboard a Cloud First Pod