Enter the Digital Engine Room

Raise the profile and effectiveness of five core competencies and directly affect the acceleration of organisational change.

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Move to a new way of working

Create a digital operating model that's complimentary across all of your digital estate

Reduce your teams by up to 17% with the introduction of automation

Gain a unique, high-tech creative space with a dedicated leadership team

Access to three ECS Pods depending on the intervention your feature team needs

Refactoring approach to large-scale migration programmes, enabling your team to increase resilience

Greater agility and reusability of your framework based on five core principles

Leverage data to create a single version of truth for effective, enterprise-level transformation

Move towards full stack development teams, grounded in modern engineering practices

Drive meaningful change

KPIs are measured against business drivers, as well as the current effectiveness of each competency so continuous improvements can be made

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Dedicated cloud-first mindset

Achieve enterprise-level digital transformation or large-scale cloud migration programs with the adoption of UX techniques

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Uncover the hidden value of untapped ideas

Highly collaborative teams focused on driving business value through R&D, engineering capabilities and UX-driven development


Move to an entirely new way of working that continuously strives to make your enterprise better

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