2017 CIO Guide to DevOps

How CIOs are using DevOps to achieve their key business goals?

DevOps adoption is on the rise.

Our CIO Guide to DevOps has become somewhat a yearly tradition. And this year we’ve supported our own customer experiences with research from the Society of Information Management (SIM) 2017 IT Trends Analysis, The Gartner CIO Agenda Report, CIO Magazine and insights from the CIOs of five leading organisations:

  1. Karl Hoods, CIO, Save the Children UK
  2. Piers Stobbs, CDO, MoneySupermarket.com
  3. Fin Goulding, CIO, Aviva
  4. Adam Sewell, CIO, Copyright Licensing Agency
  5. Ed Garcez, CIO and CDO, London Borough of Camden

The report highlights comments from our five-strong CIO panel on their priorities in relation to digital transformation using DevOps principles, concepts and methodologies.

How are our panel using DevOps to meet the top CIO objectives of 2017?

Download the full report here

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