3 highlights from DockerCon 2017

Marian Knotek 24th October 2017

ECS Digital exhibited and sponsored at this year’s main Docker event Dockercon 2017. You may have found our stand within the main exhibition hall right next to the Docker stand. The whole event was very well catered – especially the afterparty that had an arcade games theme!

DockerCon highlights:

This year, Docker announced several key messages related to its platform:

  1. Docker will be delivering the native integration of Kubernetes directly into the Docker ecosystem.

    Kubernetes will be the second option along with the already supported, Docker Swarm. This aims to simplify the life of a lot of users who were struggling with the choice between the two frameworks.

  2. MTA – Modernise Traditional Applications with Docker EE.

    Docker has released an improved version of the framework for the transformation of traditional applications into microservices. Tools in this framework are able to perform an heuristic analysis of a target system and replicate those into containers. However, this is a valid approach only for certain types of applications with some final touches still being required.

  3. Docker has announced a deeper partnership with IBM as a partner for MTA.

The ECS Digital stand

ECS Digital was represented by 6 of our own people at this event including our Managing Director, Andy Cureton, as well as our Head of Channels, Phil Drouet.

We were busy with visitors asking us many questions regarding what we do, where we’re based and what our history is. We presented ourselves as DevOps specialist with Docker being one of our major areas of expertise.

On screen, you could see our E2E solution within the DevOps pipeline area as well as our own internally developed model to apply MTA for macro applications.

Other interesting stands in Expo

There was plenty of interesting stuff going on throughout DockerCon. We had a good time catching up with our colleagues, trying to exchange ideas and getting to know their products and services better.

  • One of the most popular was VR box in IBM section where you could try this bleeding edge technology.
  • Probably the most visited was however main Docker stand. Busy all the time, where dozen of Docker experts discussing topics and cool ideas.
  • Nginx has published beta of their lightweight application server Unit
  • The solution for stateful containers from Portworx

Thank you to all those who came to our booth to say hi – it was great to speak to such a large variety of people. We are looking forward to the next event! 

Do get in touch if you’re interested in discussing how we can help you with Docker or if you have any questions for us. We’d love the chance to discuss how we can help you in your adoption of DevOps.


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