Accelerating Business Outcomes With Modern Data Platforms On AWS

ecs-admin 2nd September 2020

AWS is a collection of remote, cloud-based computing services offered by Amazon. There are plenty of discussions around the business benefits of moving your data platform to the cloud. But is there a way to understand the tangible improvements for your specific business model?

Will cloud technology improve your processes or productivity, for example? Can a shift to AWS reduce your overheads? This webinar explains this in detail, as well as outlining common challenges and solutions faced by other businesses. It also throws light on how a transition to AWS can entirely transform your data platform.

Watch on-demand to hear examples of how others have achieved an end-to-end modern data platform strategy. For example:

  • Understanding AWS cloud technology, tools and data capabilities
  • The importance of demonstrating value early on with an MVP
  • How to leverage automation to reduces costs, optimize processes and ensure a faster, repeatable and more secure solution

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