Amazon Connect Immersion Lab

Emma Frame 1st September 2021

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Amazon Connect Immersion Lab

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Date: 28th & 29th September, 10am – 15:45pm


Is your contact centre resilient to changing customer behaviours?

If you’re interested in gaining hands-on experience with ground-breaking cloud-based contact centre services, book on to an upcoming Amazon Connect Immersion Day.

During the mini workshops, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of core concepts of the platform related to the provisioning, configuration, and management of Amazon Connect.

At end of the course you will have had the opportunity to:

  • Get hands-on experience with AWS services leveraged by Amazon Connect,
  • Explore creating customer experiences you have been thinking about but can’t build into traditional approaches,
  • Gain insights as to how you might leverage other AWS services to enrich and differentiate the CX you deliver your customers.

These Immersion Days tend to oversubscribe quickly, so be sure to save your space today.

Session breakdown:

We appreciate giving up a full day can be disruptive, which is why this course has been broken down into two modules spread across two days:

28th Sept, 10am to 15:45pm:

  • Introduction
  • Validate AWS console access
  • Amazon Connect intro & basics
  • Use case, interaction flow visual & goals
  • Hands-on module 1: Amazon Connect basic setup
  • Hands-on module 2: Amazon Connect & DynamoDB
  • Hands-on module 3: Amazon Connect & IAM + Lambda
  • Data Analytics and Data Science – the art of the possible

29th Sept, 10am to 15:45pm:

  • Intro and day 1 re-cap
  • Hands-on module 4: Amazon Connect & Lex
  • Hands-on module 5: Contact flows
  • Hands-on module 6: Cloudwatch logs and solution testing
  • Cost Ops – Cloud Cost Optimisation overview, Traditional v Connect contact centre costs, breakdown of Connect costs, and Native vs 3rd party cost management tools.


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