Are you ready for FOSDEM 2019?

ecs-admin 20th April 2018

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]It seems like a week doesn’t go by without some conference or event fighting for the IT professional’s attention, time and money.  Amongst this noise, a more silent, reserved voice emerges. It doesn’t charge hundreds of pounds for entry, and it doesn’t even need to market itself too heavily to get hundreds of rooms at full capacity.

Enter FOSDEM, a force to be reckoned with as IT/Tech conferences go. Make all the necessary preparations because the dates for 2019 have recently been announced as February 2nd & 3rd.

In this spirit, we thought we would take a moment to give you our take on the European open source extravaganza and give you some reasons to attend 2019’s event.

What is FOSDEM?

Well at a simple level, it’s a celebration of the open source world; a place for developers to meet, share and collaborate. The programme has a wide variety of lecture topics which includes showing how specific open-source technology works and what the latest developments are. That’s the synopsis but it is so much more…


We cannot talk about FOSDEM without mentioning the sheer scale of the event. The conference is based in Brussels, Belgium and takes over an entire university.

657 speakers over two days made possible by 57 simultaneous tracks. Any lecture room will have around 100-200 people in attendance for just a single session …and most of these rooms are packed.

Fully Open Sourced

In the spirit of open source, FOSDEM is free. Self-proclaimed as a “non-commercial, volunteer-organised European event centred on free and open-source software development. It is aimed at developers and anyone interested in the free and open-source software movement.”

All lectures from the conference are also filmed and made available online for free. The quality is not always great, but it is something they are working on improving. You can watch all the FOSDEM lectures on their YouTube Channel here.

Programmers Paradise

When they say, it is aimed at developers they mean it. At FOSDEM, you are meeting and interacting with developers from all over the world constantly.

Our experience has been that outside of the stall area, this is not about selling or marketing a product. This conference is all about the technology, how it works, the challenges being faced and how you can get involved if you want. It is a chance to engage your technical curiosity, contribute and learn from the skills of others. At lectures you can ask anything and get a response from the people who are building the technologies in question- not the salesmen. You get to see the approach that developers are taking on the ground and can anticipate what the industry is moving toward.


Overall, FOSDEM is not great because of its scale but because of the people who attend. Apart from being one of the rare occasions where people are not primarily focused on selling a product, it is a place where everyone is looking to build community. Not in the ‘let’s start a commune’ way (although there is some of this), but more simply because the backbone of all open source projects is collaboration and community. If you are someone who’s well invested in open source, there’s a high chance you are going to be at FOSDEM. Yes, there will always be a few main contributors to every project, but the benefit of developers helping developers for developer’s sake cannot be overemphasised and ultimately is the main message and takeaway of FOSDEM.


In the coming weeks a smaller scaled spin-off event will take place called FOSDEMx in Brussels. The event is on 3rd May 2018 and more information can be found here.

For more information about FOSDEM, click here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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