Empower your workforce with augmented analytics on Amazon QuickSight

ecs-admin 2nd September 2020

Today, analytics is fundamental to the operation and growth of almost all businesses. But access to this information (and the ability to interpret it) is equally essential.

Instead of constantly exporting data and running BI reports, some businesses have turned to a universal dashboard that everyone can access from any device. This cost-effective approach to data means you are only paying for real-time usage – making it a more attractive option compared to other dashboard solutions.

Amazon QuickSight is the perfect analytics solution for businesses looking for simplicity, interactivity and visual beauty. In fact, it offered two of our clients built-in ML and AI-powered analytics services in a way that’s proven to be reliable, cost-effective and scalable.

We asked them to tell their success stories in our webinar.

Watch on-demand to hear how:

  • A leading bank saved over £1 million across its analytics services
  • A financial services business enabled optimisations of up to 80%

The webinar discusses how to implement augmented analytics into your organisation’s own business and operational models to maximise outcomes.

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