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Emma Frame 14th April 2020

It is amazing that we are only at the beginning of week three of social distancing in the UK – a measure put in place by the UK government to help save lives and protect the NHS; who, might I add, are doing the most fantastic job and have been doing so since at least 1947!

Another industry that is doing a fantastic job and perhaps not getting the recognition or publicity they deserve are the c800,000 key people who are helping us all with our questions and concerns in the c6,000 contact centres across the UK.

From health, retail, transport & logistics, banking, insurance, travel and utilities – we are all trying to get our questions answered. Unfortunately, these questions are not held within those system’s menus, asking us to press 1 for this or 2 for that. They are questions of the here and now, which may change tomorrow. This makes talking to somebody ever more pressing; and I don’t think we’d mind if that someone who had the answers was not human, such as Siri, Google or Alexa.

Whilst many of the c6,000 contact centres will have disaster recovery and business continuity plans (BCPs), there will be those who did not factor in a social distance constraint and advice to work from home. As a result, a huge number of these companies still have agents working directly from their contact centre locations, which is clearly not ideal in the circumstances.

Building on the work we have been doing at ECS in the contact centre space, I am keen that we use our deep-rooted knowledge and experience to help companies transform their operations to enable these critical people to work from the safety of their homes. Of course, business continuity is of the upmost importance, which is why we enable remote agents to deliver the same experience from the comfort of their homes – effectively achieving two business goals with a single action!

The initial focus should be on resolving the immediate issue and what can be achieved within a day or so. ​Cloud technologies, such as AWS Amazon Connect enable capabilities to be made available rapidly.

ECS has, and are, helping a number of companies at the moment address their immediate challenges including increased call volumes and long wait times. By using many of the capabilities that can be provisioned using Amazon Connect, we’ve been able to:

  1. Provision a BCP Service by delivering incoming calls to Amazon Connect with a simple call flow to agents.
  2. Create targeted services for specific Covid-19 situations, which help take particular customer calls away to be managed more effectively. As an example, we created a new helpline for a vulnerable group, helping the standard calls to route more effectively.
  3. Provision Front-End Messaging to provide the latest information to customers avoiding the need for customers to wait for an answer. This included pointing customers to online material, FAQs and email addresses, and will develop into the use of Chatbots so access to FAQs can be provided directly.
  4. Provide the ability for customers to request a call back, holding their place in the queue without the need to stay on the phone. This has enabled agents to schedule call backs at a time convenient to the customers – creating an overall positive experience with the brand.
  5. Enable agents to work from home through the provision of a soft phone and call control panel onto their device and thereby support social distancing.

The first step to achieve the above is to create an AWS account. If you already have one or need help getting started, then ECS are here to help you – and we’d be happy to do so.

Once on the phone, you’ll have our undivided attention so we can begin to understand what it is you’d like to achieve, and where you might need a helping hand to get there. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to share our experiences so you can get your disaster recovery and business continuity plans back on track, and your business future-proofed for the changing landscape of contact centres within the UK.

Here’s the number you need: 07538545007

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