Cloud Awards 2020-21 Shortlist Announced

Marketing 23rd December 2020

The Cloud Awards have been recognising and celebrating innovation in cloud-based solutions since 2011. Over the years, they have built up the reputation of being one of the longest-standing and most influential platforms for organisations to gain recognition for their cloud-based offerings, which is why we’re thrilled to have be selected as finalists in two categories in the 2020/21 awards program.

With the global cloud computing market predicted to grow from $371.4 billion in 2020 to $832.1 billion by 2025, the demand for more cloud services, and the need for specialists who can work their way around the technology, is only going to increase. For ECS, we are proud to have the capabilities and expertise within various cloud technologies to enable our clients to successfully accelerate and modernise their own cloud journeys.

Part of this expertise comes from our long-standing relationship with the industry’s leading cloud providers. Our recognition with AWS as an Advanced AWS Partner, DevOps Competency Partner and AWS Managed Services Partner is such an example. Having such close ties means we work inseparably with AWS to provide a peak level of service at a standout velocity.

Our commitment to staff training is also invaluable to both our clients and the growth of our team. At time of writing, we house 373 skills within cloud technology and platforms – 183 of which are AWS accreditations and another 164 AWS certifications. We have recently launched internal guilds to promote cross collaboration of knowledge and actively upskill our clients’ team’s throughout engagements, so they benefit from not simply a modernised, cloud-native platform, but the know-how to maximise the value from their new solution long after we’re gone.

Our experience working with some of the largest and most heavily regulated businesses in the UK to accelerate their cloud-native transformations also means we put compliance and security at the heart of every solution.

In the words of Alan Logan, Data & Analytics Practice Lead at ECS:

“Innovation is often used but difficult to do. To truly innovate takes courage, creativity, teamwork and the desire to constantly improve and overcome barriers. To date the team have accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time, we have;

> Become 1 of 5 AI/ML FS delivery partners for AWS – through our Digital Showcase of product demos which Simon Burke stated was “The best Partner demo I have ever seen”

> Developed a portfolio of 5 new cloud offerings and GTM’s

> Demonstrated thought leadership to our customer’s – e.g. MLOps using Amazon Sagemaker at NatWest. The first use case in FS for AWS. QuickSight to production for NatWest, Cazoo and Greenflag

> Invited to be a delivery partner for 3 of AWS’s GTM’s – Data Platform Modernisation, Analytics with Amazon QuickSight, MLOps with Amazon Sagemaker

> Built a £26m pipeline of new business opportunities in new accounts with countless new relationship which will support our future growth

> Developed new skills in Data Science, Big Data & Advanced Analytics

We are proud of these accomplishments and the prospects they present for our future growth because we have done it as a team of committed and talented people who support and inspire one another to do more than we thought was possible. Just imagine what more we will accomplish in the year to come with so many more businesses ready to embrace Cloud technology in its entirety.”

A full list of finalist can be found here.

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