DevOpsDays Beijing 2018

ecs-admin 10th May 2018

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The DevOpsDays conference took place on 5th May at Empark Grand Hotel. It is the second run in Beijing with 2017 being the first. There seems to be a significant drop in attendance as compared to 2017 but it still garnered a good crowd of an estimated 600+ professionals. 

This year, the DevOpsDays China core organising committee is planning to host the second DevOpsDays Shanghai event in August and the first DevOpsDays Shenzhen event in November. Looks like they will eventually reach out to more cities in the near future.

The morning session of the conference comprises talks like “Journey from Enterprise Architecture to DevOps” and “The dirty parts of DevOps” that are delivered to the whole audience while the afternoon session is made of 3 tracks, namely, Finance, Internet and DevOps Practices.



I attended the Finance track that is made up of implementation stories sharing and talks like “Digitalization: DevOps Design and Thinking” and “Release Fast or Die!”. The finale was anchored by Jez Humble with his talk on “what i learned from 4 years sciencing the crap out of devops”.

Another highlight for DevOpsDays Beijing 2018 is the official launch of the Chinese edition of The DevOps Handbook written by Gene Kim, Jez Humble John Willis and Patrick Debois. Accordingly, the team of translators took about one and a half years to complete this translation work! A commendable effort to benefit the Chinese community. 

Through the use of Wechat, the organisers are able to connect with event attendees through live updates of event information, sharing of official photos taken during the event and conducting of lucky draws via real time games. Even theslides from all speakers and video recordings were shared out within 48 hours of event closure. A truly effective use of Wechat to engage with people and who knows, Wechat might one day become an integral part of China’s DevOps solutions.

From conversations with the some of the participants at the conference, it is observed that organisations in China are generally faced with similar challenges that organisations in other countries in the region are also facing. In particular, smaller organisations or startups are more willing to experiment with new concepts and hence they might be the ones that are spear-heading the initial DevOps movement.


Large organisations are merely adopting a sit-back-and-watch-first approach, with a lack of strong mandate and support from higher management. Eventually when success stories start to build up sufficiently, these big boys will surely take DevOps more seriously.

Generally, China is catching up very fast in promoting DevOps adoption. As observed by one of the speakers, there has been multi-fold increase in the number of job advertisements for DevOps related positions over the past one year. He even jokingly advised participants to start changing their job titles to increase their market value. In time to come, China may well be the “Big Brother” of DevOps in the APAC region. 


We’d like to thank the organisers of DevOpsDays Beijing.  It was a great event and we hope to see everyone again in the upcoming meet ups and DevOps events.


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