DevOps Deadlock. Moving from distracted to determined

ECS Digital 30th October 2018

60% of European organisations now utilise DevOps*. But as this number increases, so does the performance gap between those “stuck” at the experimental stage and those that have been able to successfully adopt DevOps to achieve scale.

To lead and excel in today’s digital economy, companies must embrace a business-centric collaboration – AKA DevOps. It’s no longer a choice to adopt or not. The decision is about how to get DevOps right, so it can scale across the business.

Delivering greater security, speed and quality of output whilst driving a truly digital-native experience is what DevOps looks to advance and secure. And once adopted, business innovation is the recognised principal benefit – surpassing the allure of enhanced developer productivity.

But scaling requires going one step further. It’s not enough to have DevOps in place, you need to understand how to enable it to scale.

At this year’s IDC DevOps Conference, Jen Thomson – IDC’s Research Director – took to the stage to discuss the following three key areas:

  • Where European organisations are on their journeys to enterprise-scale DevOps; looking specifically at how they are becoming ‘unstuck’
  • New emergent challenges faced as DevOps journeys progress
  • DevOps for business agility and the KPIs for success

This talk was bookended by Andy Cureton’s – Managing Director and Founder at ECS Digital – presentation on lessons from a year of Enterprise DevOps. Cureton supported Thomson’s observations, reiterating that moving past the challenges of transformation at scale requires taking a more holistic view of technology and the business – especially when embracing technologies that are still emerging. Having a laser focus on security and architecting for future outcomes is also vital for securing long-term success.

Scaling DevOps requires progress across multiple segments of the software delivery pipeline including: planning, developing, testing, delivering, deploying, securing, operating and managing. And whilst these would have traditionally sat in one department, for DevOps to scale successfully, security and software-driven innovation needs to become everyone’s responsibility.

Determined organisations are pathing the way when it comes to moving past the “DevOps Deadlock” because they are modernising their infrastructures specifically, so they can propel DevOps further within the organisation.

Lloyds Banking Group are one such organisation. And on the 8th November, Dave Gore – Engineering Transformation Lead at Lloyds Banking Group – will be joining Jen Thomson and Andy Cureton to reveal how the bank is supporting their own transformation journey.

As well as this deep-dive into a customer experience of utilising DevOps to secure business innovation, this webinar looks to continue the core conversations that arose at IDC DevOps Conference, tapping into the following:

  • How to differentiate between DevOps Distracted and DevOps Determined
  • Different paths to take to getting unstuck
  • Supporting a transformation to a customer-centric software-defined business

Free to attend and with a live Q&A to follow the discussion, this is your chance to hear from the experts and have your say!

This webinar has now passed but we are thrilled to say the recording is live on our YouTube channel. If you would like to watch the webinar, click here now.

*IDC DevOps Conference 2018

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