Deep Dive into DevOps at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017

Jason Man 21st November 2017


We’ve just arrived back from the DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES), and to say we’re a little enthused is an understatement. This was the 4th year DOES has run and each time, this successful event was completely sold out, accumulating around 1,400 attendees to hear the success (and failure’s) from the enterprise organisations that are adopting DevOps.

Gene Kim kicked off the whole event with some opening remarks which really outlined why we are here:

  • We believe DevOps is important
  • We believe DevOps creates business value
  • We believe DevOps makes our work humane

This has been proven true within the state of DevOps report which has been running for multiple years outlining that some of the benefits gained from adopting DevOps practices can include:

  • 46x more frequent deployments
  • 440x shorter change deployment times
  • 96x lower MTTR.

The panel at DOES did a really great job selecting speakers this year and some of the objectives for each talk outlined the following:

  • The organisation and the industry they compete in
  • Their role and where they fit
  • The business problem to be solved
  • Where they started and why
  • What they did including tools and techniques
  • The outcomes
  • The remaining challenges
  • What they don’t know how to do
  • What there looking for help with

Following these objectives there were some superb talks from a range of great companies including the likes of Disney, Barclays, Capital One, Starbucks, Nike and many more.

A few talks we’d suggest for you to go back and watching include:

How your systems keep running Day after Data – John Allspaw 
Augmenting the Org for DevOps – Stephanie Gillespie & John Rzeszotarski

There are many other talks that were very interesting over the course of the event, you can find the talks and slides here:




The Sponsors

A major turnout for the sponsors this year and some really interesting conversations had, there was one organisation that flew in 40 staff to visit the conference! The conversations were varied with some exploring the start of their DevOps Journey, all the way to those who are looking at the next evolution using practices like Machine Learning and greater use of Containers.

Finally, something that really caught our eye here, Christopher Fuller of created some brilliant illustrations of the lessons learnt and practices organisations have adopted. We will leave you here to have a look at the selection of them below.

That’s a wrap on this, and we will hopefully see you all again next year.



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