DevOps Playground #14 – Nomad by HashiCorp

ecs-admin 28th September 2017

In September, we hosted our 14th DevOps Playground, where DevOps Consultant at ECS Digital, Daniel Monteiro, presented Nomad by Hashicorp.

It was our very first meetup that was hosted in our brand new office!

Nomad is HashiCorp’s open source scheduler. It uses a declarative job file for scheduling virtualized, containerized, and standalone applications

Daniel’s hands-on part was split into three parts:

  1. Setting up the environment
  2. Generaing and running a job file
  3. Creating a cluster and running a job across the cluster.

All the steps that Daniel spoke about are available on our GitHub profile.

Many questions were asked, beers were drank and pizza was eaten 🍕🍻

For those who attended, we hope that you enjoyed getting hands-on with Nomad. Any feedback or questions, please let us know.

Our next Meetup will run during the Velocity conference on the 18th October – we will be getting Hands on with HashiCorp Consul.

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