DevOps Playground #19 – AWS CloudFormation

ecs-admin 14th May 2018

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_video src=””][vc_column_text]The 19th DevOps Playground took place at the ECS Digital office’s in Bermondsey Street. The topic was AWS CloudFormation with a focus on Infrastructure as Code (IaC). This was my second DevOps Playground, last year I ran a meet-up showing off Serverless with AWS Lambda, available here.

The playground was composed of a number of sections, with an introduction to Infrastructure as Code, with labs to create S3 bucket to launching an EC2 instance and managing security groups. The idea behind this DevOps Playground was to introduce the basic fundamentals with enough hints for further deep dive studies people could make on their own, using the templates and links mentioned in the labs.

There was a special mention of what’s coming next in the CloudFormation in the form of Configuration Drift, which was mentioned and previewed at Re:Invent 2017.

DevOps Playground 19

Some of the keytake aways from this DevOps Playground were:

  • CloudFormation Fundamentals
  • Service Roles
  • Creating & Updating Stacks
  • Using Change Sets
  • Launching EC2 instances with bootstrap scripts
  • Creating and Updating Security Groups

The feedback from the meet-up was very positive throughout the evening, ending with pizza, beer and networking. Overall, another successful DevOps Playground where everyone present had a good time, and hopefully learned something new.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at our next meet-up: Hands on with Kubernetes and Jenkins.

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