DevOps Playground #21 – Google Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform

ecs-admin 30th May 2018

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Our 21st DevOps Playground took place last evening in Edinburgh, in our ECS office. We explored Google Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud Platform.

We created a GKE cluster, using preemptible instances, then created an application and built a Docker image from it, which we pushed to the Google Container Registry. We then ran this image on our GKE cluster.

We did run into some issues with the limits on Google Cloud, be warned, you need to upgrade your account or you will be limited to 1 Kubernetes Cluster. Lesson learned! 😊

The remaining of the meet-up was to run some load testing with Locust, playing around with the performance of the application, allowing everyone to see how GKE auto-scaled the cluster and the deployment. Lowering the performance of the app lead to pods being created by the deployment, and as the number of pods became too large for the cluster, the cluster itself scaled, growing from 3 to 7 instances. Improving the performance of the app then lead to the cluster being able to scale back to only 3 instances.

All the changes to the application were made using rolling updates, minimising the negative effects of changing an application version while serving live traffic.

This was our busiest meetup so far in Edinburgh, and we are looking forward to meet with everyone again next month, in our ECS office near Haymarket.

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