DevOps Playground Meetup #2: Hands on with the ELK Stack

ecs-admin 7th May 2016

We’re back! Following on from the success of our first meetup, “Hands on with ChatOps”, we ran a meetup called “Hands on with ELK Stack”, presented by our very own Angus Williams. The course generated a lot of interest, with over 50 members still in the waitlist for the event. #devopsplayground was set up to to give the London #DevOps community an opportunity to go hands-on with some of the latest DevOps tools and provide an environment in which we can collectively share our experiences and knowledge.

To ensure the night ran smoothly, we provided everyone with @Docker compose as well as Vagrant files to get their stack up and running – as we all know, setting this up on the night would take longer than 45 minutes!

Our automated setup looked something like this:


Angus went on to explain some of his previous experiences with ELK stack and demonstrated how you would set up the log aggregation and display this in Kibana. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a large enough environment on hand to get some real data, so we made do by creating a script that spat out some random logging to allow us to display some data.

After some examples that everyone followed, we created a map showing the geolocations of where logging data was retrieved:


Dashboards were provided to all course attendees, and the enthusiasm in the room was almost palpable. Nobody could wait to use this in their own environment – the creative juices (possibly helped by the beer) flowed, and everyone started discussing the different matrices and data they could gather!

Everything we ran through is on our GitHub page, and you should be able to re-run this in your own environment by clicking here.


We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone that came along and hope that you all enjoyed the experience.  And, of course, we ended in time honored meetup tradition!

#devopsplayground members, please suggest topics for the next meetup.  Anyone can present and the location can be anywhere in London. Offers greatly appreciated!

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