DevOps Playground Meetup #6: Hands on with HashiCorp’s Terraform

ecs-admin 25th August 2016

A successful sixth meetup!

This Tuesday, we hosted our sixth monthly #DevOpsPlayground meetup. It was a successful evening, attended by many.

These meetups allow us to explore and present DevOps tools – as well as providing others with the opportunity to give them a try.

This month, Mourad Trabelsi talked about HashiCorp’s Terraform.


1.pngHashicorp’s Terraform allows you to write your infrastructure as code.

Writing configuration files and the running Terraform apply allows you to easily spin up new infrastructure. You can do this using multiple providers, including AWSDigitalOceanDocker and many more.

You can then provision them if needed.

Hands on!

During this meetup, Mourad guided us through creating a configuration file to create two webservers using one security group, then a load balancer in front of these two webservers, using its own security group, all of that in AWS.

Schema of the final infrastructure:


You can find a walkthrough of the technical steps on our GitHub page, here.


A big thank you to everyone who participated in this meetup.

We hope to see you all again in the next one!

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