Whitepaper Chapter 5: Leading Change Efforts

ecs-admin 20th July 2016

Leading change efforts takes a spot as the second highest CIO priority for 2016. Whilst noted as less of a priority for CIOs than innovation, CIOs believe that their board sees them as the enabler of change, more so than innovation.

Why is this a CIO priority?

Change is the new norm in organisations. Change allows organisations to respond easily to problems after they happen, but, more importantly, to leverage change within the organisation, allowing quick and efficient response to customer needs.

Technology and the CIO role are increasingly seen as the primary enablers of business change.

In 2016, the CIO needs to completely understand upcoming industry changes, in order to stay ahead. They need to be scanning the horizon at all times: not just for new technologies, but also for business opportunities.

How can DevOps help?

DevOps culture itself is a large cultural change that needs to be facilitated by the CIO in many organisations.

In order for developers and operations teams to collaborate, the two need to embrace change at a behavioural level. Once adopted, DevOps culture embraces change as a way to iteratively improve upon processes.

Responding to and influencing change is a given once an organisation has mastered moving forward with speed and result-focus using DevOps. The DevOps approach requires a detailed understanding of your culture and learned behaviours. This enables the CIO to influence changes they want to see in the organisation, as well as allowing for 3 times fewer failures when implementing change.

Automated processes and improved time-to market offered by DevOps further demonstrate an effective department, which can then free up time for the CIO to be more outward-focused. DevOps allows the CIO to master change, so that they can focus upon business innovation projects and begin establishing themselves as the lead for innovation in their organisation.

“CIOs should be horizon-scanning at all times, not only for new technologies, but also for business opportunities as CIOs become increasingly central to business change.”

Mark Chillingworth, CIO Editor, ICON Business Media

This chapter is taken from the Forest Technologies (now ECS Digital) Whitepaper, “CIO guide to DevOps: The value behind the hype“, released June 2106. To download the full whitepaper, for free, follow the link below.

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