DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 – saving DevOps

Eloisa Tovee 10th September 2019

Back for our 3rd year at DevOps World | Jenkins World, the conference which keeps growing and growing. With an estimated 2000+ attendees, you’re guaranteed to have the industry’s best and brightest to engage and learn from on all things Jenkins and DevOps. And this year didn’t disappoint!

The event kicked off with a bang as we were graced with two great keynotes to jumpstart the conference. The first keynote celebrated 15 years of Jenkins and Kohshuke Kawaguchi gave an insight on the humble beginnings of Jenkins, where it first started in 2004 at Sun Microsystems with a sole purpose to build a program which helps identifies mistakes earlier on. Fast forward 15 years and Jenkins is one of the most popular CI systems in the world:

30mill jobs | 1mill nodes |  270k installations | 1666 plugins | 106 JUG meetups in  39 countries

With Jenkins maturing over the years, the open source project has been sustained by the thriving community. However this required a further protection as Jenkins is adopted by some of the world’s most diverse sectors such as baby monitoring, filing taxes, biotech experiments, ships, Hollywood shows, theme parks and many more.

As the open source project grows, it needs greater support and infrastructure to help sustain its future. This is where The Linux Foundation comes in. The Linux Foundation currently supports a multitude of open source projects, with a collective value of code within these projects being over $16bn. Jenkins was a project within the Linux foundation up until recently, but has since jumped over to the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) – which is a branch within the Linux ecosystem.

The CDF was set up to find a natural home for the next generation of Continuous Delivery collaboration and was formed with four open source projects: Jenkins, Spinnaker, Tekton and Jenkins X. Each project brings a different aspect to the CD pipeline, and as they grow, the CDF will help:

  • Evangelise CI/CD methodologies
  • Define and document best practices
  • Create training materials

With the backing of CDF, the open source projects will have a home for long term support and maintenance, this will also provide answers to some of the most typical challenges of an OSS project.

As part of the CDF, there are also some exciting projects for the CD space:

  • Jenkins – building blocks for CI and an orchestrator for multiple tools
  • Spinnaker – multi cloud continuous delivery platform to release changes faster
  • Tekton – Kubernetes native CI/CD building blocks
  • Jenkins X – Building great Jenkins pipelines using Kubernetes natively

As you can see, Jenkins is a thriving ecosystem and with CDF onboard, Jenkins will have a neutral home to grow further. We’re looking forward to see how the project grows and always love to hear stories from others on how they use Jenkins. Jenkins World’s enabled us to connect with so many like minded individuals and hear some great stories on how they use Jenkins.

It also sparked some creativity back at ECS Digital HQ! Rather than cooking up a traditional post-show review, we took the inspiration of this year’s theme of ‘DevOps Superheroes’ and dropped our consultants into a heroic / villainess story of their own. With Dr. Virus at large and looking to sabotage the efforts of the Jenkins tool and other open-source projects, can J-Man Man, Prof Pipeline and the mysterious third hero* find him in time and put his evil plan to bed. Only time will tell…

If you’ve been inspired by this post / comic book to get involved in next year’s conference, rumour has it that it will be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada – nice! We look forward to seeing you at the 2020 DevOps world | Jenkins World.


*Heroes featured are based on the real-life characters: Tom Chapman, Jason Man and Roy Osuji. If you didn’t get chance to say hello at the show, be sure to reach out to them on LinkedIn. Also featured is the rather inspiration Kohshuke Kawaguchi and the legendary Jenkins himself. Please note, Jenkins was not harmed in the creation of this comic.

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