And we’re back! DevOpsDays Singapore 2017!

Jason Man 27th October 2017

This is the 3rd year running that we’ve sponsored this DevOpsDays event, this year it was hosted in the One Marina Boulevard building, Microsoft’s Singapore HQ. There are some breath-taking views along with a space which facilitates both collaboration and innovation!

We had many conversations at our stand, from those looking to start their journey through training and enablement, to those looking at how to continuously improve next.

Now to the main event, the talks.

The Talks

DevOpsDays Singapore have done a great job in bringing in evangelist and DevOps practitioners from all over the globe to this event. In the first DevOpsDays, John Willis presented the State of DevOps at the time and last year Hashicorps Founder Mitchell Hashimoto and the Data Scientist behind the State of DevOps report, Nicole Forsgren presented.

This year there’s been no exception, Andrew Clay Shafer was one of the main key note speakers. His talk “Good DevOps Copy, Great DevOps steal” really provided broad spectrum of methodologies along with practical execution.

Andrew mentioned the 5 stages of DevOps: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. I couldn’t agree more with this statement, we’ve worked with many organisations which have gone through these stages and have grown to understand the full benefits of DevOps.

Another key analogy used in this talk is that DevOps is like you want an Ant that can lift 50 times its own body weight but you want the scalability like an Elephant where it spends 12-18 hours a day eating 200-600 pounds of food. The “Elephant Ant” is what the business is looking for, but the laws of physics would stop this working. At this scale the elephant ant would need hurricane strength winds to get enough oxygen through its exoskeleton, not to mention the fact that it would crush itself as soon as there is any movement. This analogy says that Scale breaks everything, and same within DevOps, this is why Google introduced the teams “Site Reliability Engineers” to help solve the scale problems.

There were of course many other fantastic talks during the event and on both afternoons a number of open spaces were conducted to facilitate conversations and to learn from other practitioners.

If I had to summarise the themes of this event, I would say the first year was about Listening & Learning, the second year Evolving and this year we are seeing Maturing. Of course, different organisations are at different levels but the space continues to grow.

No doubt, Singapore is a thriving space for Digital Transformations, there are many new initiatives and the community continues to grow. There are certainly challenges to be had but buy in within organisations is growing, we are now seeing the engineering movement gain pace, but also have management buy in to help push these initiatives.

We can’t wait to see the continual growth in this area, both in the community along with the customers we are helping to accelerate this growth.

If you want to catch any of the other talks, catch the recorded livestreams on the following links:

Until next year DevOpsDays Singapore! Massive thanks to the organisers and speakers for the hard work put in to create such a great event.

Do get in touch if you’re interested in discussing how we can help you with DevOps or if you have any questions for us. We’d love the chance to discuss how we can help you in your adoption of DevOps.

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