DevOpsDays Singapore

Jason Man 22nd October 2015

I’ve recently returned from the DevOpsDays event in Singapore. This was the first major DevOps event held in this region. I found that there was already a large DevOps community and a sense of intrigue filled the rooms during the keynotes and presentations.

Forest Technologies (now ECS Digital) was a Gold sponsor at this event and I joined our local team to mark the occasion. We are proud to have been part of the first DevOpsDays event in Singapore.  We met lots of new friends and re-connected with some old acquaintances.


We took this opportunity to showcase one of our latest demos.  This was presented to one of our customers, leveraging GitLab to orchestrate a Continuous Delivery pipeline which includes Otto from @Hashicorp, the successor to Vagrant. We’ve now uploaded it to our Youtube channel for everyone to enjoy, and you can view it right here by clicking the video below.

There were some great speakers at this event, including John Willis, who delivered his keynote on “State of the DevOps Union” which really described how DevOps has progressed since its original taxonomy “CAMS” to one of the newer variations “ICE”.

Sergiu Bodiu @dreamsergiu

“State of the union by @botchagalupe, the man who went to more #DevOpsDays than everyone on earth.

I was pleased to be selected as one of the Ignite speakers for the event.  I presented the subject “Crawl before you Run, Implementing DevOps”. Having helped many companies begin their DevOps journey, I wanted to share some of our collective experiences on how to avoid common pitfalls.  The ignite presentation format of 20 slides delivered automagically in 5 minutes was a format I’d not presented in before.  Take a look at the video and feel free to leave some comments 😀

We’d like to thank the organisers of DevOpsDays Singapore.  It was a great event and we hope to see everyone again in the upcoming meet ups and DevOps events.

If you’d like to get in touch with us about how we can help you implement DevOps in your business, just click the link below.

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