DOES 2018 –  bigger, better, brighter

Jason Man 28th June 2018

We’re back, sponsoring the DevOps Enterprise summit (DOES) 2018 in London – the 5th event in the series we’ve sponsored.

DOES primarily takes a look at how large enterprises are adopting DevOps and the associated challenges which comes at scale. This year was no different. Over the past couple of days, we heard talks from the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Adidas, Nomura and Lloyds bank – not to mention the usual suspects of Barclays, Hiscox and Disney. Each provided valuable insights into their transformation journeys.

It came as no surprise that the common theme amongst these speakers was that whilst adoption is growing, scaling across different areas of the business is proving the greater challenge. One of the key takeaways for adoption is that businesses need to stop looking at IT as “projects” or “programmes”. IT should instead become “long lived products” where the focus is on business outcomes.

The below images, drawn at DOES 2018, gives an overview of the different talks that took place over the two-day event:

Two of the most impressive talks were given by Verizon and Disney. We’ve summarised the key takeaways from each below:


‘DevOps is not a hobby but a new avenue to revenue’

Delivered by John Scott, Oliver Cantor, & Sanjeev Jain

This presentation focused heavily on howVerizon has enabled different systems with new ways of working, as well as the adoption of new technology. Their talk touched on:

  • The creation of Immersion Centres, where teams would focus on current challenges and look to improve these during a 6-week period
  • Creation of MVP products
  • New ways of working and the coaching required
  • Using gamification to gather more momentum with the “DevOps Cup”


‘Creating Digital Magic’

Delivered by Jason Cox & Jim Vanns

An incredibly powerful talk, with a spectacular cinematic view of some of Disney’s blockbusters. Fundamentally, all areas of the business are powered by technology and Jim Vanns explained within Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) how they have used technology to change how they operate. The below were highlights from the talk:

  • Technology stack used include Docker, Ansible, Elasticsearch
  • Strong focus on Microservices
  • Main challenges include scale, speed and stability
  • DevOps transformation focuses on leadership, technology and community

DOES 2018 had some amazing presentations, as well as memorable insights from some of the industry’s trailblazers. It is an event for bringing together innovative thinking, and as Gene Kim mentioned in one of the opening remarks: “business leaders who are driving organisations forward in the next 5-10 years will be in this room”.

We don’t believe any other conference brings this type of thought leadership and access to such an open community. We look forward to DOES 2019 where next year it will be spread across three days!

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