Eating our own Dog Food – DevOps Style!

ecs-admin 18th February 2016

2016 has started off with a bang for us. We recently announced the addition of three DevOpsenthusiasts to our team and wanted to share in their own words some of their experiences thus far.

From the very first moment I stepped into the office, everyone has been very welcoming and made me feel at home. This was a huge help as joining a new company can be quite daunting. I have to hand it to the management team for creating a fun and creative environment in which talented people can thrive. In terms of the learning curve, ECS Digital have gotten this just right. Not too much work that I’ve been completely swamped but just enough to make it a challenge.” – Padraig Murphy

I arrived at ECS Digital a month ago, and have lost track of time since. Since then I’ve been trained, worked on a use case and worked on a small project. The people here are all very open minded, and there is a real team spirit –  people come together to work, but also to have fun with some nights out, which helps getting to know the people you are working with during the day. This has been a good start for what I can only hope will be a very challenging and interesting experience.” – Michel Lebeau

Starting almost from scratch with the DevOps mentality, here I have run into very passionate and professional people, willing to help at any time even if the workload is high! In my view, it’s crucial to be constantly evolving and here I can feel this continuous improvement that keeps me motivated. Apart from that, we also have some spare time to grab a drink together every week or so. During the first weeks I have worked on the DevOps practice, expanding my knowledge of Puppet for Configuration/Provisioning Automation. We went from the very fundamentals of the tool to the Advanced Practitioner course. Apart from that, we’ve had a presentation skills course, an introduction to CI and many interesting tasks and use cases.” – Javier Velasquez

We are very proud of our culture at ECS Digital, with a real team ethic evident throughout our company – from the newest members to those who’ve been with us the longest. We are sharing this not just out of pride, but because we know that how we work internally mirrors how we work with our customers. Our culture and team ethic are no accident: we make sure that every member of the team goes out of their way to support one another and deliver the best outcomes for our customers. Whether it’s through continually adding to our knowledge base, internal knowledge sharing sessions or supporting colleagues who are on site where issues arise, everything we do is underpinned by our core principles and values: complete focus and alignment in delivering our business objectives, ensuring customer success.

When working with customers, our first priority is establishing a culture and environment where people can thrive and excel. We identify the target business outcomes and ensure all teams are aligned towards those goals. This does not necessarily mean changes in organisational structure, but it certainly means enhancing collaboration across teams and the alignment of their goals. The right culture makes the organisational structure less relevant, and in many cases irrelevant. Once this is in place, effective processes and tooling can be implemented to deliver the business outcomes in the shortest possible time and at optimal cost and quality.

We have a number of vacancies waiting to be filed with exciting projects in a variety of sectors and countries for those who fill them. If you are interested in joining the ECS Digital family, drop us a line at

ECS Digital has been implementing DevOps solutions for companies around the world for over 12 years. If you’re interested in finding out more about our approach and the unique insights we can offer into how to transform your business with DevOps, contact us today.

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