ECS achieves GitLab Professional Services Partner Status

Eloisa Tovee 30th March 2021

ECS is proud to announce that our already much valued partnership with GitLab has grown, with the news that ECS has become a GitLab Certified Professional Services Partner in the UK.

Customers rely on GitLab’s unified DevOps platform to streamline software development complexity, increase productivity, and accelerate time to market. As a Certified Partner, GitLab recognises demonstrated expertise and proven success in building on GitLab’s platform to transform the DevOps lifecycle.

The GitLab Channel Services program is designed to help the design of service portfolios around the DevOps Lifecycle in correlation to GitLab products. This compliments ECS’s own expertise and experience in the DevOps space and strengthens our offering of collaborative engineering that enables people, process and technology.

Our commitment to customer outcomes ensures we deliver solutions that achieve true synchronisation across IT functions; and bridging the gap between those IT functions, the wider business and customers. Our partnership with GitLab is an exciting part of this capability.

“To be competitive in the market today, companies need to transform and streamline how they develop, manage, and secure software,” said Michelle Hodges, vice president of global channels at GitLab. “The GitLab Channel Services Program arms a growing community of partners like ECS to extend the power of GitLab’s DevOps platform and dramatically accelerate time to market. Together, we are fundamentally changing the way development, security and ops teams collaborate and build software and are thrilled to welcome ECS to the program.” 

Janil Purohit, Channel Delivery Lead at ECS, added,

Our team at ECS has achieved a fantastic milestone in attaining our PSP status as it shows the strong momentum we have gained with GitLab.  

We are very excited and honoured to add GitLab’s unified DevOps platform offering into our strategic services portfolio. GitLab’s unique value proposition offers our clients an even broader choice to continue our long and proud track record in helping our clients adopt a digital-first approach to transforming their organisations. In ECS, GitLab has partnered with the UK’s premier consultancy offering the experience and expertise across all areas of digital transformation and software delivery practices.”


More About GitLab

GitLab is an open core company which develops software for the software development lifecycle used by more than 100,000 organisations, 30 million estimated registered users, and has an active community of more than 3,000 contributors.

GitLab openly shares more information than most companies and is public by default, meaning its projects, strategy, direction and metrics are discussed openly and can be found within its website. GitLab’s values are Collaboration, Results, Efficiency, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Iteration, and Transparency (CREDIT) and these form its culture.=

To learn more about the GitLab Channel Services Program, please visit:

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