ECS “Ask Me Anything” Summer Sessions – Leadership in DevOps

Eloisa Tovee 11th May 2020

Date: July 3rd

Time: This session will kick off at 12pm and will last approx. 45-minutes.

Link to the live event: 


This time, the DevOps Playground team are going hands-off!

Welcome to the ECS “Ask Me Anything” Summer Sessions, our new weekly webinar where you can ask our experienced consultants any questions you may have on the specified topic.

Whilst we know our audience are use to a hands-on session, we wanted to give you the opportunity to fire questions our way about the processes, practices and methodologies so often used in DevOps and digital transformation.

Session #3: Leadership in DevOps

DevOps teams are often required to balance a wide-range of complex systems and tools. But what does this mean for leaders within the DevOps industry? Do the core leadership skills need to change and adapt in order to lead in a DevOps environment?

Three of our leaders at ECS will be here to answer your questions during this live Ask Me Anything session. Samer, Mark and Ryan will draw upon their own experiences and aim to provide valuable insight into how to be a great leader in a DevOps environment.

Our Speakers

Samer Naqvi:

Mark Capaldi:

Ryan Kelly:

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