ECS Digital at Cloud Expo 2017

Szymon Sitko 30th March 2017

Between the 21st and 22nd of March, the ECS Digital DevOps Consultants’ team attended Cloud Expo 2017 at the ExCel Centre, London.

It was a great pleasure for us, especially because, not only were one of the main sponsors, we were also exhibiting at the event.

First of all: Consultancy

Our stand was surrounded by our main business partners: AutomicSplunkPuppetCloudbees and Blackduck.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 14.28.08.png

After a couple of morning set-up preparations, we officially started at the event at 9:30am.

Our team was made up of DevOps and Continuous Delivery Consultants, all with different industry experiences having worked with various DevOps tools on a daily basis.

In order to support our presentation and make it more realistic, we also had a demo of the Continuous Delivery pipeline available for all interested parties.

The atmosphere was incredibly friendly, and, I must say, a lot of participants had a solid understanding of DevOps practice. It was nice to acknowledge how the mindset regarding our profession is evolving within the smaller, mid-level and also for larger organisations.

Let’s just go around

Although the ability to give professional advice is always a positive challenge for a consultant, we couldn’t wait to see (and feel!) what other exhibitors had to offer. I found that this was such a valuable experience.

We visited a number of stands and spoke to many reps, consultants, and even CEO’s, ranging from Cloud providers to Energy suppliers; from Japan to Canada.

Along with the exciting freebies (who doesn’t love freebies?), the event opened our eyes to the new emerging trends within several industries, closely related to ECS Digital. I had a chance to watch the launch of a data centre prototype; it was a remarkable experience.

Charm the audience!

For us, one of the most important parts of the whole event were the incredible speeches.

The first talk was given on Day One by Andy Cureton, the Founder and Managing Director at ECS Digital, author of the company’s success and, most importantly, our mentor. 

Andy 2.jpg

He explained to the audience how to build a successful company and what the foundations were for building an effective and professional consultancy team, that delivers a high-value end product or service in the right, “ECS” way. The speech was also enriched with personal experiences, that helped us understand how he managed to bring his ideas to real business.

The secondJason2.jpg talk was delivered on Day Two by Jason Man, one of the Senior DevOps Consultants, and one of the most experienced team members within the company.

He engaged the audience with technical aspects of DevOps practices, as well as providing all participants with technical advice regarding development and deployment.

Jason detailed his experiences with existing trends, such as, Agile methodology and also, the emerging trends within the DevOps industry.

See you next year?

We would like to thank everyone that managed to speak to us during Cloud Expo 2017, in London. It was an amazing experience providing a great lesson for every single one of our consultants.

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