ECS Digital attends Jenkins World

Billy Michael 12th September 2017

Last week, ECS Digital attended Jenkins World 2017, providing certification training. While there, we also attended several informative talks, demonstrations and the expo. 

The first 2 days at Jenkins World provided attendees with many courses to help improve their Jenkins knowledge. These courses included:

  • Jenkins Certification training
  • Fundamentals of Jenkins Pipeline and Docker training
  • Fundamentals of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • And many more…

ECS Digital provided Jenkins Certification Training to 30 students with backgrounds ranging from Development to Senior Management. The course comprised one of our instructors providing training on the fundamental knowledge needed for the certification and labs to provide students with a hands-on way of learning Jenkins. These labs included how to configure agent nodes, pipelines, CloudBees functionality etc.

Jenkins Certification Training

The Keynotes

The following two days were dedicated to keynotes, presentations, demos and the expo. The opening keynote this year had talks from Kohsuke Kawaguchi, who built on this year’s theme of “Transform”, by explaining how Jenkins has evolved since its inception to the point where it is at today, focusing on the move from Jobs to Declarative Pipelines as well as Blue Ocean, which is the new Jenkins UX currently in Beta. Sacha Labourey was then welcomed on stage to discuss the future updates to Jenkins and how Jenkins is changing the DevOps landscape.

Multiple new features and services were unveiled as part of the keynote including:

  • CloudBees DevOptics
  • CloudBees Jenkins Advisor Service
  • New UI for CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise


CloudBees DevOptics

One of the biggest announcement at Jenkins World was CloudBees DevOptics. This solution aims to provide organisations with a consolidated overview of their end-to-end application delivery stream. It achieves this by collecting data from all pipelines associated with a project or team and displaying it as a live view. Some benefits of this are:

  • Allows users to see where issues are trapped and identify bottlenecks which will decrease the time to delivery
  • Provides teams with the ability to see who, what, where and when for each issue which also decreases the time to progress trapped issues
  • Metrics for the entire delivery process can be collected allowing users to identify where resource usage could be improved.

You can find out more about CloudBees DevOptics here.

CloudBees Jenkins Advisor Service

Another new service unveiled this year was CloudBees Jenkins Advisor. The aim of this product is to continuously analyse your Jenkins environment, identify potential issues and provide advice on how to fix it. The aim of the advisor is to help companies identify and fix issues before they have a major impact on business-critical pipelines.

More information about this new product can be found here.

The Conference

The Jenkins World provided attendees with a place to network and see what other companies have to offer that could benefit their organisation. In addition to the booths on offer, Jenkins World provided many technical demonstrations at the sponsor theatre and the Jenkins project booth. These demonstrations included:

  • Delivery Pipelines with Jenkins
  • Securing a Jenkins Instance
  • Docker Based Build Executor Agents

We’d like to thank everyone who came and spoke to us at the event and attended our training sessions, we hope you had a great time.

Jenkins World 2018 will be returning to the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco from September 16 – 19, 2018 and ECS Digital will be attending. We look forward to seeing you there! 

If you’re intrested in our Jenkins training courses, follow this link. We offer regular User and Admin Jenkins training.

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