ECS Digital heads to Jenkins World 2018

Ivan.Audisio 17th September 2018

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]We’re excited to be heading back to San Francisco for this years’ DevOps World | Jenkins World. ECS Digital are exhibiting and offering training sessions throughout this 4-day event where we can meet and talk to like-minded individuals to help them realise the innovative solutions that can assist them in reaching their business objectives.

We had such a great time exhibiting and offering Jenkins certification training last year that ECS Digital has been asked back again in 2018 to be silver sponsors for both the San Francisco and Nice event.

Jenkins World is the largest gathering of Jenkins users in the world providing technical demonstrations of innovative technology and solutions. They showcase what other companies have to offer too which has the potential to benefit your organisation. It is a perfect opportunity for tech-savvy people to network and talk all things DevOps and Jenkins. ECS Digital has been a technology partner with Jenkins and Cloudbees for 4 years allowing us to develop a strong relationship with them and their team. We are interested to see first-hand the latest developments in the Jenkins environment.

Jenkins World 2017

Last year’s event was one to remember, the opening keynote involved Kohsuke Kawaguchi (CTO, Cloudbees) and Sacha Labourey (CEO, Cloudbees) focussing on the move from Jobs to Declarative Pipelines as well as Blue Ocean – the (then) new Jenkins UX.

They delved into the details about how their technology has the ability to change the DevOps landscape through the development of Cloudbees DevOptics – a service that provides organisations with a consolidated overview of their end-to-end application delivery stream – and the Cloudbees Jenkins Advisor Service which helps companies identify and fix issues before they have a major impact on business-critical pipelines.

Read our blog about Jenkins World 2017 here.

What you can expect from Jenkins World this year

Throughout the weekend, there is a combined total of 120+ sessions and workshops, covering diverse DevOps and Jenkins topics including Automated Testing, DevSecOps and AI-powered Visual Testing. Cloudbees have published the schedule here for the whole conference – make sure you pick your talks wisely! The workshops that are run by Cloudbees will walk you through how to get your Jenkins X on a public cloud provider.

We are particularly looking forward to the Keynote on Tuesday morning which will discuss the latest development with Jenkins, how far it has evolved since its inception and what Cloudbees has planned for its’ future.

On top of this, Jenkins World is offering two full days of additional training on the Sunday and Monday prior to the event, covering topics such as Cloudbees core – Fundamentals, Jenkins Fundamentals and Value Stream Mapping for DevOps.

ECS Digital is excited to be providing the training for the DevOps Leader Certification Training on both days (16th and 17th) for anyone who wants to gain a practical understanding of:

  • DevOps and time to market
  • The key difference between DevOps IT and traditional IT
  • Ideas for organising workflows
  • Managing culture change
  • Popular tools and key practices

If you would like to sign up for our training sessions, please head to this website – as an extra bonus, ECS Digital friends can receive 20% off their registration fee using the code JWECSCUSTregister now.

DevOps World | Jenkins World will be a highly educational and engaging conference providing a perfect opportunity for you to meet like-minded individuals and hear about their experiences with Jenkins.

If you are interested in meeting the ECS Digital team at Jenkins World, find us at booth 608 in the exhibition room on the 18th and 19th September – you can follow our journey on Twitter at @ECS_Digi.

Stay tuned to read our round-up of the latest announcements and updates from Jenkins World next week![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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