ECS Digital sponsors DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017

Thivan Visvanathan 8th June 2017

I know what you’re thinking to yourself as soon as you read this title.

“An Enterprise Summit? That sounds like buzzwords, free food and a lack of innovative talks.”

But, you couldn’t be more wrong. A moment of honesty: DOES17 is the first large talk in the DevOps space that I’ve attended. So, I also had the same thoughts as above.

I was pleasantly surprised. The summit is aimed at large, complex organisations, who are either just beginning their digital transformation into an agile world – or assessing their current architecture to see how their processes align with the rest of the industry.

Tackling Digital Transformation

I’ve worked with both start-ups and large corporations, so I’m well versed in the practices that praise and haunt both sides. Many complain about ease of innovation vs. unnecessary regulatory hoops, but not many people understand why the walls blocking innovation are so hard to tear down.

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017(DOES17) shared digital transformation stories from many dominant companies that have encountered roadblocks to innovation. Just a few notable talks included:

How Do You Fit a Core Banking System into a Few Containers?

Amine Boudali, Senior Project Manager, Nordea

Jose Quaresma, DevOps Lead DK, Accenture

DevOps at Capital One: Focusing on Pipeline and Measurement.

Tapabrata “Topo” Pal, Director, Engineering Fellow, Capital One.

Platform engineering at ASOS.

Ian Margetts, Platform Lead, ALM, ASOS.

But, DOES17 wasn’t just talks. There were also breakout sessions, workshops and Q&As with the speakers. So, it’s an experience that provides actionable insight into enterprise adoption of DevOps.

Digital Transformation at ASOS 

One of the best stories shared about a dominant industry undergoing a massive transformation, was from ASOS.

Their story of moving to a platform engineering team had all of the typical burdens associated with a sizeable corporate entity:

  1. A large monolithic codebase
  2. Non-scalable architecture
  3. Lack of upskilling and disillusioned teams.

Their resolution to these issues? To embrace the platform way of working – which subsequently lead to them adopting the DevOps approach.

The codebase was broken down into a micro-services based architecture. Platform teams were born and developers were forced to take on more responsibility, putting platform first, features second.

It took them only two iterations to achieve deployment to production 300 times a day. But their journey still wasn’t over. As they revealed, it wasn’t a smooth transition. And, they still faced numerous challenges: their security didn’t scale, and their business requirements needed to be balanced with IT.

Companies ASKING for help?  

It was here I realised something was different. The companies at DOES17 weren’t trying to sell themselves to the audience. They were genuinely asking for help.

This honesty was much needed. And, by asking for help, an atmosphere of collaboration was born. The trend was repeated throughout the day, with businesses dedicating numerous slides that simply stated what they were stuck on – and asked whether anyone in the crowd could help.

DevOps Enterprise Summit

Offering Solutions  

The majority of booths present at the event compromised of vendors. Their aim was simple: offer complete solutions for common problems that were being raised throughout the various workshops & talks.

ECS Digital was in a unique position compared to other booth exhibitors. We too were selling a product, but that product was us – our expertise.

We talked to many companies including Barclays, RBS & KPMG, and we found that they were already using many of the tools in our partnership portfolio. The problem they faced, however, was a lack of a maturity assessment.  They were unsure of how well they were doing in their DevOps journey – or if they were even doing DevOps at all.

Another scenario that seemed to crop up often was how to train internal employees to use all of their wonderful tools. Vendors offer the solutions to enterprise problems, but there is often no-one to implement and maintain the solutions in an organisation.

DevOps Enterprise Summit

Overall, DOES17 was a great experience. As well as highlighting major pain points of the industry in terms of challenges both solved and unsolved, it managed to create a positive atmosphere of collaboration.

I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to the next event in San Francisco!

Do get in touch if you’re interested in discussing what’s involved in our DevOps Maturity Assessment or if you have any questions for us. We’d love the chance to discuss how we can help you in your adoption of DevOps. 

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