ECS gains AWS Financial Services Competency Partner status.

Marketing 22nd April 2021

What’s in a grain of rice?

Thanks to its imperishable, readily available and dividable qualities, grain formed part of the first concept of ‘banking’ way back in 2000BCE. Grain loans were afforded to farmers and traders who carried goods between cities, initiating a lending model. This has since evolved into banking as we know it today, and on some street corners, into ‘dough’ – a shorthand phrase for money.

Being such an intricate part of society, financial institutions have had to constantly transform – a process that has been nothing short of complex and increasingly full of regulatory hurdles. The demand of the FinTech industry over the pandemic highlighted some of the outdated operations in banking, but also the potential to introduce automation, data driven CX practices and modern operations to empower employees, improve culture, increase transparency and improve their bottom line by better serving customers.

It is this potential that excites us at ECS and drove us to create partnerships with the best in the industry.

More than this, it is the enthusiasm of financial institutions to adopt technology and agile ways of working that modernise banking and make consumers’ lives easier – whether that’s offering a delay to mortgage repayments or real-time payment platforms.

Many of our own consultants earned their stripes in the UK banking sector and so understand first-hand clients’ businesses and pain points. This has been instrumental to the quality of our consultancy, and we’re incredibly proud to have recently become one of 12 organisations headquartered in EMEA to have been awarded the AWS FS Competency. The competency is a leading independently audited award that assesses organisations on their customer success and deep specialisation in specific solution areas or segments.

Most notably, “the AWS Competency Program is built to go beyond the meaning of the word “competent.” It’s one of the toughest designations an APN Partner can achieve and maintain, giving customers complete confidence in choosing top APN Partners to team up with.”

To have been recognised for our Financial Services specialisation and success validates ECS’s knowledge, experience and capability in supporting the sector to digitally transform, and we couldn’t be more proud of our team.

In the words of Stewart Heiton, Group Director, Strategic Alliances at ECS:

“This is fantastic recognition of ECS’s deep domain knowledge in Financial Services and it builds on the DevOps Competency and Amazon Connect Service Delivery accreditations already awarded, as well as more than 200 individual AWS certifications across the ECS team. Driving digital transformation for Financial Services customers sits at the heart of our heritage and achieving the AWS Financial Services Competency helps differentiate ECS and demonstrate our FS capability through independently audited case studies and proof points validated against a high bar. A big thank you to all those who made it happen.”

Mark Farrington, CEO at ECS adds,

ECS has devoted years to bringing together the right talent, partnerships and opportunities to truly understand cloud-based offerings that best support the interests and challenges of the Financial Services sector. We do this, so when it comes to executing cloud-native solutions, we can accelerate the process and maximise the available tools, processes and technology to truly transform our clients into digital-first organisations. This makes the AWS Financial Services Competency all the more rewarding. It is another incredible milestone for ECS and a great cause for reflection on all the talent, hard work and innovation that got us to where we are today.”

We look forward to continuing to share the benefits of the AWS partnership with our clients. Namely, being in a position to;

  • Engineer or migrate products and services that are consumable in the cloud, providing business and customer agility
  • Deliver end services and products that meet demonstrable customer and regulatory requirements in the area of:
    • Operational Excellence
    • Security
    • Reliability
    • Performance Efficiency
    • Cost Optimisation

If you’d like to benefit from the risk, security and core system management that sits at the centre of the AWS toolset, request a demo.

Once you’ve sent over your form, we’ll be in touch to arrange an initial hello call. From here, we’ll set up a convenient time so you can walk us through the business or project objectives you believe would most benefit from AWS. This will help us identify the right solution and maximise your time during the demo.

To discover more about ECS’s work in the Financial Services space, click here.

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