ECS readies new Amazon Connect/ServiceNow CTI integration

Emma Frame 12th November 2019

Boosts service centre productivity, cuts call costs and improves customer experience

ECS is preparing for lift off with RocketCX that will give ServiceNow users access to Amazon Connect contact centre telephony controls directly from the ServiceNow platform.

It is the first of a series of planned integrations between Amazon Connect, the ground-breaking cloud-based contact centre technology, and popular CRM platforms.

The connector for ServiceNow’s customer, IT and HR service management modules is designed to make contact centre agents more productive. Our initial tests show that making the standard call handling features available natively within the ServiceNow interface reduces average call handling times by up to 60 seconds, helping to improve the customer experience.

Speedier call handling also cuts call costs by as much as 20% because Amazon Connect’s consumption-based (per call) billing means that you only pay for time used.

The RocketCX pop-up in ServiceNow shows the caller’s details and any open incidents or cases, ensuring the agent is armed with this knowledge before speaking to the caller. Call logs are created automatically and are linked to a full recording of the call; ServiceNow incidents and cases can also be created using RocketCX.

RocketCX’s dashboards collate data from Amazon Connect (e.g. number of calls, abandoned calls, call waiting times) and ServiceNow incident and case record data… and because all of this data is available in ServiceNow it’s easy to create additional reports and dashboards as required.

Currently in beta testing, RocketCX will be available for public download in the ServiceNow Store and AWS Marketplace by the end of 2019.

If you can’t wait that long, then feel free to check out this demo launch video here. And if you are interested in buckling up and joining us for a test ride on the beta programme, then you can get in touch with ECS mission control here (


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