Ep. 16 International Men’s Day Part 2 with Chris Dunkley

Emma Frame 24th November 2021

Episode 16 we invited Chris Dunkley who works in Delivery Assurance at ECS. As we navigate through International Men’s Day, we aim to show the different aspects and themes that men are faced with. This can include mental health, the stigma around what a man should be and manhood. In this very personal episode, Chris shares his story of what its been like for him growing in the male dominated IT industry and his battle with testicular cancer. This is a touching story which we hope you take something away from.

From everyone at the Tech³Podcast, we would like to thank Chris for sharing this very personal story and hope it helps others who may be going through similar challenges.

Some issues which are explored during the episode include:

Why is promoting positive conversations about men important? How do you start positive conversations with men? Formal and informal support networks – will remote working affect access to this? Men’s health – do you find there is still a stigma around actively seeking medical help? Is there still a badge of honour for burnout and working through a cold? 1 in 215 UK males will be diagnosed with testicular cancer in their lifetime –  did your own experience affect your view on or feelings towards manhood/masculinity?

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