Ep. 5: Testing, Not Just an Afterthought with Ali Hill

Emma Frame 12th May 2021

On episode 5 we are joined by the rather wonderful guest, Ali Hill, a continuous delivery consultant and tester at ECS Digital. Ali has been in the industry for many years and comes with a whole host of experience on his testing journey.

In episode 5 we discuss with Ali what type of tester he is and some of his inspirations within the industry. We take a deep dive into past projects he’s working on and how, as a tester and leader within the team, he manages customer and team expectations around testing. We also have a look at some of the challenges he’s faced in the past with making sure testing was part of the overall delivery and the types of test methodologies he would recommend and has used including Unit testing, infrastructure testing / integration testing, end to End testing, performance testing and exploratory testing.

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Ben Shonubi
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