DevOps Playground Meetup #1

ecs-admin 15th January 2016

After a well deserved Christmas break, we came back and got ready for the first DevOps Playground meetup. The Meetup took place on Wednesday 13th and was a great success, everyone was able to walk away with their own ChatBot to start their very own ChatOps journey.

The DevOps Playground was set up to to give the London DevOps community an opportunity to go hands on with some of the latest DevOps tools and provide an environment where we can collectively share our experiences and knowledge.

IMG_5775.JPG.jpegMourad, one of our very own, introduced “ChatOps”, explained the core concept and provided a short demonstration on how its been implemented inside ECS Digital, followed by discussing other real world scenarios. We then got stuck in and everyone fired up their VM’s (some from the VagrantFile we’ve made available on GitHub). Within 20 minutes everyone managed to get their ChatBot running in Slack, albeit with a slight speedbump with Slack blacklisting our IP address as everyone was trying to create new teams :).

We moved on to look at how you configure a ChatBot to perform certain actions based on specific commands. After a few basic examples  we implemented the Google Maps Distance API to find out how long it took to cycle from London to Paris. Having ran through this a few times prior to the meetup, we can tell you it takes 23 hours and 29 minutes to cycle from London to Paris!

Once everyone had discovered this crucial piece of information we wrapped up the practical session and rounded off with the tradition pizzas and beer whilst sharing war stories.


Everything we ran through is on our GitHub page, and you should be able to re-run this in your own environment:

We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone that came to our first meetup and hope that you all enjoyed the experience. We will be announcing our next meetup shortly, so in the mean time if there’s any topics to suggest, we’d love to hear from you.

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