Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 104

Marketing 10th February 2022

If you’re curious to know what’s been happening in the tech space, then look no further… our Friday Tech Round Up is your weekly dose of the latest and greatest tech news!

This week, we look into Cloud ME technology, revolutions in the energy grid and journalistic news media missing a huge opportunity to shape emerging digital ecosystems.

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Friday Tech Round Up

UK fintech investment has seen a sevenfold increase in a year.

The investment rose from $5.2bn in 2020 to $37.3bn in 2021, with 603 private equity, venture capital and merger and acquisition deals – revealing the strategic importance of fintechs for the UK’s economic growth.

In the words of Anders la Cour, CEO at fintech Banking Circle Group: “Digital transformation in financial services is currently at a tipping point, with technology being used to empower banks, payments businesses and financial institutions all over the globe. KPMG’s latest data proves that this trend is set to carry on in 2022, so it’s an incredibly exciting time to be in fintech right now.”

The EU is planning a €43 billion euro chip supply investment.

This initiative aims to combat the ongoing global semiconductor shortage and lessen its dependency on Asian manufacturers, as well as supporting research and development. Responding to the rising demand and supply constraints that took place in 2022, as well as extreme weather outbreaks affecting productions, these investments will help alleviate some of the pressure and allow manufactures to catch up. Although industry leaders, like IBM’s president Jim Whitehurst, have said the issues could last until 2023.

TechCrunch has questioned whether journalistic news media is missing a huge opportunity

Specifically looking at shaping emerging digital ecosystems, it seems that journalistic news media are falling behind when it comes to web3 innovation and new technology. The Oxford Reuters Institute’s recent trend report points out that globally, news media organisations are focusing on tinkering and optimising instead of making big bets on innovation or R&D.

“Cloud ME” Technology is bringing people closer together for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The tech, developed by Alibaba Cloud, facilitates social interactions during the Games – as it enables people to meet and enjoy real-time conversations with each other via a life-sized, true-to-life, projections. These protections are thanks to remote projection functionality and the power of cloud computing, which make it possible to reach wider audiences across unlimited locations.

Lightning speeds for energy grid innovation

A recent article by the Financial Times reveals how the revolution in energy grid and battery technology is happening at lightning speed. The article goes on to discuss how the revolution is taking place before our eyes – a prime example being the in the growing number of electric cars on the road.

ECS shoutouts

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